Top 5 Expensive Engagement Rings That You Might Not Know About

By  | 8 years ago

Engagement rings are as special as wedding rings because it’s a step closer to your wedding day.

That is certainly the very reason why most men prefer to give expensive engagement rings for their soon-to-be wife.

Many celebrity couples are creating abuzz online because of how expensive their engagement rings are.

Furthermore, the best things to happen is now a step closer, the exchanging of vows will be the next great celebration.

These celebrities got the most expensive engagement rings that you couldn’t imagine about.

Jennifer Lopez ($4.1 million)

First on the list is Jennifer Lopez. She is a famous actress, dancer and songwriter.

She was also famous because of her complicated marriages with 3 men.

Though she had romantic relationship with a lot of famous actors, Marc Anthony is just extraordinary.

She gave Lopez an 8.5 carat ring when he proposed which has a whopping $4.1 million costs.

J Lo Ring

Paris Hilton ($4.7 million)

The ever popular socialite turned celebrity is our next stop. She is the granddaughter of Conrad Hilton, a hotel tycoon, owner of the famous Hilton Hotels.

Being exposed to such a lavish lifestyle, she is owned expensive things starting from her pooch to her extravagant house.

But not just that, she also has short-lived relationships with famous personalities such as Leonardo DiCaprio and Oscar De La Hoya.

But her most talked-about boyfriend is Paris Latsis. He proposed to Paris Hilton with an extravagant 25 Carat right which is worth $4.7 million.

But months after, their engagement was cancelled.

Paris Hilton Ring

Beyoncé ($5 million)

She is known as a great actress and singer-songwriter.

But she isn’t just only known with that, she also gathered the attention of people when her boyfriend Jay-Z proposed to her with a 20-carat ring with an estimated price of $5 million.

That’s quiet stunning but considered to be natural because her boyfriend Jay-Z is one of the richest people in its industry. He is also much known for his extravagant lifestyle.

Giving such gift is just a glimpse of how rich he is.

The dazzling diamond of the ring is considered to be the highlight of the ring.

Proposing with this ring is an extra point to get a big ‘YES!’ from your lady.

Beyonce Ring

Kim Kardashian West ($8 million)

She is a socialite, model, actress and an over-all television personality.

She became famous because of her friendship with Paris Hilton.

Though she had 3 marriages, her current one created a huge impact when Kanye West, her fiancé, proposed with a 15-carat ring which costs $8 million. That’s a really expensive gift for his soon-to-be wife.

Kim Kardashian Engagement RIng

Elizabeth Taylor ($8.8 million)

Elizabeth Taylor is such a great Hollywood actress with a complicated string of marriages. She married eight times in different actors and known personalities.

But Richard Burton topped them all. He gave Taylor a stunning 33.19-carat diamond ring. This ring is said to be $8.8 million worth.

It is analyzed as the most pure diamond with such an exceptional transparency. Not a bad thing as an engagement gift, right?

Elizabeth Taylor Engagement Ring