Couple Treats 450 Wedding Guests to McDonald’s Burgers after 6-Course Dinner

By  | 4 years ago

When it comes to weddings, burgers are the last thing you will have in mind from the reception menu but one couple treated their 450 wedding guests to McDonald’s burgers after the 6-course dinner!

Do they really love McDonald’s that much? The answer is definitely “Yes!”

It turned out that Nancy Mowen and her husband Andrew first shared a meal at McDonald’s six years ago, when a mutual friend introduced them after they went clubbing. The rest, as they say, was history.

Photo credit: Nancy Maria Tadrosse

Andrew and Nancy didn’t just think of McDonald’s as that place where they first found love but they really love the burgers. So, they were regulars at the local McDonald’s throughout their relationship. Their friends and family also love the burgers; thus, when they planned their wedding in Northern Beaches, Australia, it was but natural for the couple to think of adding some burgers on their reception menu.

It was unconventional but their guests loved it!

Photo credit: Nancy Maria Tadrosse

The newlyweds were so into McDonald’s burgers that they even ate these as snacks on their way to the ceremony earlier that day.

Lucky for the couple, the wedding planner as well as the wedding venue and caterers were quite supportive of their wishes. The wedding planner ordered the burgers a month before the wedding, while the staff from the grand Miramare Gardens wedding venue in Terrey Hill went to the local McDonald’s outlet to collect the burgers.

Photo credit: Nancy Maria Tadrosse

After the lavish 6-course meal, the guests were partying and having fun when the Miramare Gardens staff entered the hall, carrying the burgers which were grandly arranged on eight wooden platters. You would think this was some gourmet stuff from their kitchen.

Photo credit: Nancy Maria Tadrosse

Cheers erupted when the wedding guests saw the burgers! Even after the 6-course meal, everyone was excited to get their burgers. Nancy was later photographed enjoying a burger while dancing and chatting with friends who were also enjoying their late-night burger snacks…