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Dying Bride Fulfills Dream Mountaintop Wedding, Just a Week after Boyfriend’s Sweet Proposal

By  | 4 months ago

All her life, Jane Lau had always dreamed marrying on a mountain top, gazing into the eyes of her Prince Charming as they exchanged their vows on top of the world!

But fate had other plans for Jane.

Last summer, she discovered a lump in her abdomen. What she thought was a routine check and simple surgery turned into a nightmare after doctors discovered the lump was cancerous and the cancer had spread quickly to many organs that it was too late to get anything treated.

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The family was told to make Jane’s last days as comfortable as possible because as of the moment, there was nothing that doctors can do to treat the condition.

Faced with such a grim situation, Jane chose to stay positive. She started the blog Jane’s Joy Journey, in hopes of finding joy in an otherwise joyless situation she’s in. She became an inspiration to many of her friends. So, when her boyfriend Samuel Lau proposed to her last February 22, many of their friends and family pitched in to make Jane’s dream mountain wedding come true.

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It was a difficult feat but they were able to plan out Jane and Sam’s mountain wedding at Grouse Mountain in British Columbia, Canada. If the weather permits, she’ll be brought to the top of the mountain on a helicopter but Plan B was for an ambulance to take her to the base, with a gondola carrying the wedding party to the top.

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It was a foggy day when the wedding happened. They had to resort to Plan B but the bride was all smiles as the doors of her chariot opened at the top of the mountain. She was quickly bundled up from the cold but even the freezing temperatures were no match to her radiant smile. This is it. This is the wedding she had dreamed of all her life!

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Everyone in attendance was left in tears as she took those painful steps towards the altar, with a huge smile plastered on her face. Everyone knew the pain she was going through but she was determined to make this a happy event, a moment they would all cherish for the rest of their lives.

Photo credit: Matdivad Photography

Her father’s face was grim as he handed her to her husband; he knows full well that his daughter doesn’t even have much of a future left with her husband, with them, but he is surrendering her to her husband as well as to God…