Groom’s Unusual Ride to the Wedding Goes Viral, Netizens Love His Entrance Video

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These days, people seem to try to outdo each other on social media in various aspects.

For instance, there are people who try to ensure that their wedding proposals are the most unique or the most grandiose the internet has ever seen. The more expensive and grand the proposal is, the better it is for these would-be grooms.

The same goes for weddings – the grander, the better it seems.

But there are those who are able to outdo others not by spending the most amounts of money but for putting up the best efforts to make the event truly special!

Photo credit: Formally Casual Video Productions / Facebook

Take for example this Irish groom named Scott Watson who arrives at his wedding aboard an unusual ride with his best man and groomsmen. Working as greenkeeper, Scott decided that the best way to arrive at his wedding with Emma Coulter was aboard a tractor while his band of groomsmen was on a fleet of ride-on lawnmowers! LOL.

We’re not so sure if the bride was in on the groom’s secret and if she even approves of it but these guys appeared to having so much fun! Just look at those big smiles on their faces. This proves that guys truly love the so-called ‘toys for the big boys’, no matter how old they get or what event they are trying to attend.

Photo credit: Formally Casual Video Productions / Facebook

According to the Facebook post made by Formally Casual Video Productions, the wedding actually happened last December 16 but after they posted it a month later, the views skyrocketed quickly. A lot of netizens expressed their admiration over the groom’s genius idea; although many commented that this could only really happen at a country wedding, obviously.


Scott arriving in style for his wedding to Emma 16/12/17

Posted by Formally Casual Video Productions on Saturday, January 27, 2018

Well, our take on this is that you can make anything happen for your wedding, if you like it but this groom is a cool genius! What can you say about this unusual ride?