This Harry Potter-Inspired Wedding Gift a Husband Made for His Wife Is So Amazing!

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Are you a Harry Potter fan?  If yes, you will surely love this wedding gift that the groom gave to his wife as a sign of his unconditional and everlasting love.

The couple Matthew and Janine Brocone are huge fans of Harry Potter.

They’ve read the books multiple times already and have seen the movies countless of times.  They probably memorized lots of terms and spells that you can only learn from Hogwarts.

“She (Janine) got me the first book and made me promise her that I’d read it, and that was all it took,”

Matthew said in an interview.

“I’ve read the books twice, and she’s read them probably 3-4 times. We’ve seen the movies countless times, and are trying to plan a trip to Harry Potter World.”

From his words, it seems like Janine was the first one who fell in love with J.K. Rowling’s work.

So for their wedding 2 years ago, Matthew personally hand-created a personal gift for his wife that can surely made her love him more – a Pensieve.

In the world of Harry Potter, the Pensieve is an object used to revisit or review memories. It looks like a shallow stone or a metal basin with carved symbols fitted with precious stones.

Pensieve Hedwig Memory Bottles Wand

Matthew took up pottery classes to create the perfect Pensieve that he wanted. It took him great amount of time to finish and complete.

“Pottery was something I always thought sounded fun, and after leaving a few stores frustrated, I decided just to make it myself. I wandered into a local pottery shop and described to the lady what I was hoping to do. She thought it sounded fun and told me she’d do everything to help me.”

Matthew said.

The bowl also has memory bottles in it. The vials contain small pieces of paper with written memories of their amazing relationship.

And to make the whole PENSIEVE gift complete, Matthew provided Janine with her very own Ollivander’s-quality wand to select and pick-up the memory bottles.

Harry Potter Pensieve

And when the right time has come for him to give the wedding gift, Matthew presented it in-style.

“We did the traditional ‘you don’t see each other before the ceremony’ thing, so we exchanged gifts in the morning the day before the wedding. I hid the package (with Hedwig on top of it) by the front door. Then, I pretended like I heard a sound by the front door and told her that she needed to go check to see if she got a special delivery.” Matthew said.

Pensieve Package

He also included extra set of bottles for memories that they will make, as an official couple, in the future.

Matthew and Janine Brocone | Scott Shaw / Via

Matthew and Janine Brocone | Scott Shaw / Via

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