Top 3 Worst Things Guests Have Done at Weddings

By  | 4 years ago

Weddings are supposed to be fun, exciting events. It’s not just the union of two people but also a celebration of two families coming together for the couple.

But while the bride and groom invite these guests to witness one of the best moments in their lives as a couple, there are many things that these people can do to actually ruin the wedding – even without them meaning to do it.

Here are some of the worst things guests have done at weddings… this is a hint, of course, of what you shouldn’t do at any wedding!

  1. Taking Too Many Photos, Blocking Official Photographer

We get it, everyone these days have smartphones that they want to use to take photos of the beautiful bride, the exciting celebration, and their own OOTDs; however, the bride and groom have official photographers who are supposed to take the photos that last a lifetime.

Sadly, in their aim to take own photos to post on social media, a lot of guests block the official photographer’s lenses. Worse, the well-meaning guests stand at the altar to capture a photo of the bride and groom at a better angle; this leads them to be included in the couple’s photos!

Moreover, these guests can be a nuisance in the ceremony, making the event less solemn as a wedding and more like a photoshoot event.

  1. You Steal the Show

Remember that no matter how fashionable and model-like you might be, this is not your event. Don’t try to outshine the bride by also wearing white and looking like you are the one getting married! While it’s alright to get all dolled up for the wedding, please don’t compete with the bride; this is her time to shine!

A number of guests arrive at weddings wearing distracting, scene-stealing dresses. Sadly, it ruins the wedding because the focus shifts to the guest.

It’s also a good idea to strict to the dress code. So, unless the invitation specifically states that guests should wear white or come in their most daring, outrageous outfits, you’d better come in appropriate attire.

  1. You Keep on Bothering the Bride and Groom

It’s their big day, let them enjoy it!

Unfortunately, many guests think that just because the couple invited them to the wedding, the bride and groom are responsible for everything they do.

Take note, however, that wedding invitations doesn’t automatically mean the bride and groom have to shoulder your transportation from your home to the venue, hotel stay, tours at nearby attractions, and your clothes!

A lot of people have this wrong notion that the bride and groom are supposed to pay for all wedding-related expenses, including those incurred by the guests so they can attend the wedding.

Moreover, they tend to treat the couple like concierge, calling on them for directions to the wedding and the reception party, even expecting the couple to provide them with entertainment and tours before and after the wedding.

Oh, one last thing, don’t get angry at the bride and groom for just inviting you, with no ‘plus one’. Chances are, they have made a list of people they want (or can afford to have) in their wedding. Don’t complain if your other friends were allowed to bring their families but you are only reserved one seat.

Remember, it’s their wedding, not yours! They’re entitled to invite who they want and enjoy the day!