Gay Grooms Gets Awesome Surprise from Friends Who Attended Wedding in Rainbow Suits

By  | 4 years ago

A group of friends surprised the gay grooms when they attended the wedding wearing rainbow suits – and their guests.

They have been good friends since their college days, even claiming to be ‘fairly inseparable’. They had often gotten themselves matching outfits even in their student days; thus, when two of their friends decided to get married to each other in a gay wedding, the other friends decided it would be a great idea to surprise them with rainbow-themed outfits.

What’s actually awesome about all this is that while the couple, Ted and John, getting married were gay, their friends were all straight and married to women.

One of their friends, Chris Nelson of North Stonington, Connecticut, shared their story on Love What Matters. He shared narrated that the idea of getting rainbow suits started out when he saw colored suits being sold by a company called OppoSuit.

He quickly messaged their other friends.

Admittedly when I emailed the group I thought I’d get a few on board and maybe have to negotiate with a few others or find alternates if someone said no. However, to my surprise everyone was immediately in. The only debate was over who got to wear which colors,” Chris revealed.

But it was difficult to keep everything a secret, especially when the suits arrived and their wives saw the suits. To make sure they keep everything a secret up to the last minute, the guys agreed to meet up at a local brewery near the wedding venue while their wives went ahead.

The grooms were a bit puzzled why their friends’ wives arrived first while the rainbow-suited guys also had a bit of ‘trouble’ at the brewery because a lot of people wanted to take pictures with them. It’s not every day that you get to see a group of guys wearing rainbow-colored suits at one venue, after all; but they were worried that Ted and John might soon see them on social media.

At the wedding venue, the friends assembled and got ready for a very dramatic entrance as they walked in single file in full rainbow formation or as close as they could to the ROYGBIV arrangement, anyway, as the available colors of the suits permitted.

They came straight over and hugged each of us one at a time. I think my favorite part of the whole night was when John’s mother Lucille came over to us and said, ‘What a wonderful showing of love and support, and I can’t believe not one of you is gay!’ Then she hugged each one of us. It really made the moment come together.

Our primary goal in all of this was to come up with a completely unique tribute to Ted and John whom we all love, while also not stealing all of the thunder of the wedding party which we were not a part of. I think we nailed the first half, not so sure about the second (sorry Ted and John’s wedding party),” Chris mused, smiling from ear to ear – that’s for sure!