This Woman Earns Praise for Offer to Become Stand-in Mom in LGBT Weddings

By  | 4 years ago

While views about the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) community has changed over the years, with more people embracing these genders without judgment, it is also true that there are still many who just couldn’t accept these other genders.

The sad thing is that even parents could not accept their children’s gender identity, choosing to shun them and even banish them forever. As for attending their LGBT children’s wedding? Well, that’s never going to happen to these self-righteous parents.

Understanding the difficulties that many LGBT couples are facing, because she has a gay son, Sara Cunningham from Oklahoma reached out to these young people in a post that she didn’t expect would actually go viral.

Photo credit: Facebook / Sara Cunningham

PSA. If you need a mom to attend your same sex wedding because your biological mom won’t. Call me. I’m there. I’ll be your biggest fan. I’ll even bring the bubbles,” Sara posted on Facebook.

Amazingly, the post quickly gained traction on social media and spread so quickly, with Sara getting hundreds of messages from the LGBT community. Many praised her for her offer, saying that she is such a wonderful woman who knows how to love without conditions.

But Sara did receive her fair share of bashing from people who don’t believe that the LGBT community should exist. Many of these people only recognize two genders: male and female, based on the one everyone is born in!

Photo credit: Facebook / Sara Cunningham

Sara shared that in the past, she had the same thinking; thus, she understands both sides now.

According to Sara, one of her sons recently came out as gay. Parker, 21, told her, “Mom, I met someone and I need you to be okay with it.

While many would think that Sara had always been accepting of her son’s gender identity, she actually struggled to come to terms with the situation when her son first came out.

I’m a woman of faith … We live in a conservative town. It sound bad to say it, but I felt like I had to choose between my child and faith. I was under this impression it was the ultimate offense,” she admitted.

I didn’t know where to look for resources at first. I thought I was the only mom in Oklahoma with a gay kid.

But she eventually found support in a group of moms who are also going through the same situation. The Facebook group would give her strength and resolve to accept her son for who he is, whether he remains male or now wants to be identified as female.

We stood with our son at a pride parade in Oklahoma City. It was my first interaction with the community that I was so alienated from by my own ignorance and my own fear… And I realized this was a beautiful community,” she shared, referring to the Gay Pride parade she attended in 2014.

Photo credit: Facebook / Sara Cunningham

The following year, she came back wearing a pin that said, “Free Mom Hugs”. That day, she went home filled with glitters from the hugs she received from overjoyed members of the LGBT community.

After hearing so many horror stories about young ones being rejected by their parents, Sara thought about offering to stand in as ‘mom’ for them. She also became ordained so that she can officiate the weddings, if no other priest or pastor would do it.

Many of the weddings I officiate, I’ll say, ‘How are your parents? Are they accepting?’ And they say, ‘Well, I don’t know if I’ll invite them or not, they don’t acknowledge my relationship,’” she revealed.