Tinder Offers $100,000 Dream Wedding for LGBTQ Couple in Celebration of Pride Month

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To celebrate Pride Month, Tinder is offering a $100,000 wedding for an LGBTQ couple who met and officially become a couple via their social dating app.

In an interview, Tinder’s vice president of global communications and branding Rosette Pambakian said:

“We believe everyone has the right to marry their perfect match, so today we’re looking for one extraordinary couple to win a Tinder dream wedding. Sometimes LGBTQ couples don’t have the family support for a dream wedding, so that is why we are here to swipe right on their dream.”

What a very thoughtful and glamorous offer from Tinder right? But before anyone can get their hands on this huge amount, they must win the competition that Tinder has set up.

Here’s what the LGBTQ couple must do to get their chance of winning the $100,000 dream wedding.

Must meet the initial criteria (must prove that they are legit LGBTQ couple and had met via Tinder app).

Must post a photo (couple photo) on Instagram with a caption detailing your story on how you’ve met. A cute backstory can certainly capture more hearts and followers.

Tag Tinder at the Instagram caption @tinder and include the hashtag #TinderSuccessStory.

Wait for the winner’s announcement on July 5.

Once the Instagram post is published, it will be entered officially to the contest for a chance to win the wedding money. For aspiring couples, make sure that your Instagram profile isn’t set to private so other people, especially the Tinder contest judges, will be able to see it. Couple can enter the contest through the end of June, and a winner will be chosen and announced July 5.

The winner will be chosen based on multiple factors like originality, presentation, emotion impact and relevance to the theme of pride month. The better the caption (story telling) is, the higher chances of winning this $100,000 contest. Michelle Visage will pick the winner and she also volunteered to officiate the wedding of the winning couple.

Browse some of the #TinderSuccessStory entries below.

Alright, @tinder, you asked for it, you got it! For many, many years, I wondered if I would ever find my "Mr. Right." Society told me that's what was expected and I didn't want to disappoint them. On the outside, everything looked fine, but internally I struggled to find the courage to own and live my truth. Tired of letting others tell me what was "right" for me, I followed my heart, my truth. On August 26, 2015 I did the right-est thing I've ever done – I swiped right to the most incredible, loving woman in the world. It hasn't been easy to live my truth in a world so filled with hate and quick judgement, but for the past (almost) two years, I've been lucky enough to have the most wonderful light beside me through it all – my person, my Mrs. Right. Tinder, it would be so wonderful to win our dream wedding, but no matter what I have the best gift I could ever ask for right here. Thank you for that. [This was our first photo together. I am just as happy as I look. Plus more.] #tindersuccessstory #happypride #myperson #dreamwedding ❤️ ?

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#tindersuccessstory 4 years ago, I swiped right on a handsome frat boy from Malibu. We met at one of his favorite bars, a German style pub, where we got to know each other better over pints and food. On our second date I dragged him out to watch football with my friends and he fit right in. After only 2 months dating, I found out I would have to move back to NYC (from LA) for work. We decided that a long distance relationship just wouldn't work, but committed to spending what little time we had left together and taking the cross country drive back to the east coast together. We had an amazing trip, with a bittersweet end. No more than a month back in New York, I knew I wanted to be with him, and that I wanted to go back to LA. We immediately got to work on plans to move me back – and entered the long distance relationship we initially avoided. In the end, it was worth it. There were a lot of red eye flights and face-time date nights, but within 6 months I was able to land a job back in LA, and we could finally be back in the same city! There had been little doubt over the past four years that we are meant for each other. We eventually moved in together, and have been each other's best friend, biggest cheerleader, and softest shoulder to cry on. Then one night he gave me the biggest surprise. He had a friend convince me that we were going to a fancy event but when we showed up, he was there with candles, roses, and a projector playing clips of videos and photographs from our time together. Then he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. Obviously – I said yes. And now I can't wait for our next adventure ❤️ saying I do. Can't believe it started by just swiping right. Best thing I, or rather we, ever did. #tindersuccessstory

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So we are a week away from moving into our new apartment and it seems crazy how much our lives have changed since we met each other. It's amazing how a simple tinder match blossomed into such a healthy, stable loving relationship. I promised you I was a real person, so after months of promising to meet up sometime, we got sushi in Ybor. A week or so later, I was wine tipsy and asked if I could call you my girlfriend. We both left toxic jobs and toxic homes in Tampa, moved to tallahassee together, and created a beautiful life together full of warmth and happiness. You support my dreams and passions and I can't wait to create a home with you and support you in all your/our endeavors. I love you so much and I am so thankful for you. ❤️ @diejaseydie #tindersuccessstory @tinder

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People say our love melt hearts and also jealously eyes, so why not try to get this #TinderSuccessStory, after all, it was thanks to @tinder that we are walking to the aisle. He says I ignored him on multiple apps, but I don't record that. All I know it is one day I saw a pic on tinder that I truly enjoyed and, I promised I would make sure he would notice me, so yes, I superliked. Not ashamed of it. After lots of talk, we went for a coffee. He was very shy, but the connection was instantly. Then the coffee moved to a beer and a drag show. We both realized we loved #DragRace. A kiss and he told me "I never go to second dates to anyone". I arrived at home and I read: "do you wanna hang out again?". Mr "Dont-go-to-Second-Dates" invited me for many more dates. And then one day, after months denying, we were actually dating. I called him "boyfriend". And I was so full of joy and happiness like never before. After 5 years living in Canada, I finally found home, and it wasn't a place, but a heart. A year and a half later, we were living together, helping each other, making plains. And one night, he said: "will you marry me?". My reaction? Nooooo (but a no like "I can't believe this is happening) until I corrected to a "I mean, of course, YES!". I love you @joshuawas and even if @michellevisage decide not for us or even if @lvvisage doesn't want to be our flower girl, or even if @adoredelano don't come to sing our first song (shhh it's a secret), I know it will still be more than that I can ever dream about it. Thank you for make everyday better than yesterday and worst than tomorrow. Love you ?

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