Watch How A Paralyzed Father Was Able To Walked In His Daughters’ Wedding! Simply Amazing!

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Irving Caplan Daughter Wedding

Parents have a very special role in every marriage. Practically, their names can be seen on top of the wedding invitation. But that doesn’t end with that. They are also involved in wedding preparations and everything to make the wedding perfect. But some parents cannot fulfill their duties because of some personal reasons, most especially, medical problems. That is the case of Irving Caplan. He had a bicycle accident and had been paralyzed for two years. But that doesn’t hinder him from attending his daughter’s wedding. Here are the 3 things you need to know about how a paralyzed father walked in his daughters’ wedding.

Irving Caplan Was Afraid That He Might Only Deliver His Speech In His Wheelchair

As a father of the bride, you would really want to deliver a heart-warming speech that will remain in the hearts of your daughter and your son-in-law for a long period of time. But Irving Caplan was really afraid that he might just only deliver his speech while sitting on the wheelchair. According to him, the things he’ll say if he’ll just sit on the wheelchair will just be the same when he’s standing but then, if he could get up to his knees, there will be a different perspective. He thought that if he could walk in his daughters’ wedding, it will be the last throughout his life.

Irving Caplan Walked Across the Ballroom And Reach The Microphone

Just as everyone is enjoying a lovely scene in a wedding ceremony, the unexpected event happened. Irving Caplan walked down the ballroom and reached the microphone to deliver his speech. It was indeed a heart-warming event that all the guests seems to have been teary-eyed. Caplan said that he would really want to walk her daughter down the aisle, but that would really be impossible. This is the best thing he could do to make the wedding ceremony of her daughter memorable. He also thought that he can still do the speech while sitting in the wheelchair but walking and standing in front of all the guest will be more adequate. Nonetheless, his paralyzed body didn’t hinder him from showing his love to his daughter.

Irving Caplan used a Robotic Suit to walk in his daughters’ wedding.

Now, you’re all wondering how Irving Caplan managed to walk and have his speech. It’s all thanks to the robotic suit, personally made for him. One year before the wedding, Caplan and his wife were offered by Rex Bionics with some robotic suit which cost 100,000 Euro. It was lent to him by REX and Irving was really amazed in its capabilities. He was allowed to test it and he successfully controlled the suit just by using a joystick. Irving Caplan walked for 3 minutes and delivered his speech which made everyone in the room teary-eyed.

A father’s love for his daughter is simply amazing. It can do a lot of things that you never thought it will happen. Thanks to all the latest technologies and inventions these days, nothing seems to be impossible, including the chance to make a paralyzed man walk.