Before: Ring Bearer and Flower Girl, Now: Bride and Groom

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Love finds its own ways to bring two people together.

They may be apart in the present time, but eventually, as the years go by, there will always be a way for them to meet. There are a lot of couples who can testify this statement.

Just like this couple whose love story is quite amazing.

Briggs and Brittany Fussy met in 1995 when they walked down the aisle as flower girl and ring bearer.

Briggs and Brittany Fussy met in 1995 when they walked down the aisle as flower girl and ring bearer.

Way back 1995, Briggs Fussy was a ring bearer in his godmother’s wedding and Brittney Husbyn was the flower girl.

They never thought that after 12 years they’ll meet again. In 2007, the ring bearer and the flower girl met again when they were in high school.

Brittney got curious Briggs name since it’s a bit unique.

So she ask her mother about him and was quite surprised that Briggs was actually the ring bearer in a wedding she attended when she was still 3 years old.

Furious and overwhelmed as well, she brought their picture and let Briggs see it.

He was quite shocked because he also has the same picture hanged in their house.

He was also curious about the girl in the picture but didn’t bother to ask until Brittney approached him. They started to hang out and became a couple after 2 years.

And finally, last January 10, 2015, they got married in front of their close friends and relatives who knew their entire love story.

Their wedding guests still finds their love story really amazing and romantic.

Who would think that they’ll be together in the same aisle again but not as ring bearer and flower girl but the bride and groom. And of course, Briggs godmother took all the credits.

Anyhow, they’ve been a great inspiration and proof that if its true love, then it will come on its own, in the right and perfect time just like what happened with Brittney and Briggs.

Photo of Brittney and Briggs Fussy,20years after they walked down the aisle for the first time.

Meanwhile, since their story got to the public like wildfire, they were quite overwhelmed.

The couple didn’t think that their story will create such a huge impact to the public that their story even got viral online.

The couple said that they’ll be keeping the articles for as long as possible so they can show it to their future kids.

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