5 Strange Facts And Tips You Need To Know About Successful Love, Sex and Marriage, First One Is Very True

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There are certain things that you need to consider when pursuing marriage. You need to prepare yourself from all the challenges you’ll go through. Some will fail but you should bear in mind that no matter what happens, no matter how hard the situation is, never leave each other. If you know that you really love the person you’ll about to marry or been married with, there’s no obstacle too hard to get through. You just need to know and understand some things about love, sex and marriage.

The Lower The Cholesterol, The Better Your Performance Is

Wedding Better Performance

High Cholesterol can damage arteries which might lead to a more complicated condition. But that doesn’t end with that, erectile dysfunction can also be experienced if you have high cholesterol. The good news starts by the time you try to take medications for your cholesterol. It’s all because an improvement in your performance in bed will partake.

Increase Your Satisfaction Through Cuddling and Kissing After Sex

Couple Kissing

Kissing and touching after sex may be generally as vital to relationship fulfillment as intercourse itself, recommends a 2014 University of Toronto study. At the point when specialists asked couples to invest more of an opportunity nestling together after sex, the individuals who did reported larger amounts of sexual and general relationship fulfillment, particularly those couples with children. This might be because of the discharge of oxytocin, says Johnson, which is discharged amid sex and keeps on being discharged with delayed skin-to-skin contact.

You Can Get OBSSESED By A New Guy Or Girl In Your Neighbor

Couple With Third Party

If you’re curious why the boy/girl next door just keeps on coming to your mind, then you’ve become obsessed with him/her. It’s all because of the pleasure center of your brain, an area particularly responsible for the obsessive-compulsive behaviors. When you fall in love, the blood goes rushing to a certain part of the brain that triggers you to become obsessive over a particular person.

Sex Can Help Burn Calories

Couple In Bed

YES!!! That fact is indeed proven and tested. Having sex can burn as much as jogging for 30 minutes, according to the study conducted by the University of Quebec in 2013. A study was conducted to 21 couples. They wore calorie tracking devices while running in the treadmill and having ex once every week. The study were performed in one month. The result shows that men burned 4.2 calories and women burned 3.1 calories.

When Aroused, Feeling Grossed Out Is A Big NO!

Couple In Love

Sex might be chaotic, however without giving it much thought, none of that (typically) appears to matter during sex. As indicated by a study from the University of Groningen in the Netherlands, sexual arousal overrides the body’s characteristic to “disgust response.” When scientists asked ladies to watch either a sensual film, a sports game video, or a “natural” feature of a train, and afterward perform an arrangement of obnoxious acts (like drinking from a container with a bug in it), they found that those who’d viewed the sexual demonstrations appraised the errands as less disturbing and were additionally ready to finish a greater amount of it.

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