You Don’t Want To Know How The Wedding Ceremony Of This Couple Ended. Can’t Believe This Is True!

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A Dream Wedding That Turned To Be The Greatest Nightmare Of Their Lives

You cannot predict what will happen in the next hours of your life. No one knows. You were so happy now then the next hours, minutes or even seconds, you die. That’s the tragedy of a newlywed couple who was supposed to be enjoying their perfect wedding.

Andrew Bloomfield, 27, and Ruth Driskill, 37, were having the best time of their lives…dream wedding, loving family and friends. Everything seems perfect until a tragedy strike them both. They had a car crash just hours after their perfect dream wedding. It was indeed a tragic accident not just for the family of the couple but most especially to the bride, Ruth Driskill. Her newly pronounced husband died. The best day of their lives turned into a nightmare that will always be remembered throughout the rest of their lives.

Tragic Wedding

The newlywed couple together with their friend were going to the reception of the wedding when the accident happened. Elizabeth Shelton, friend of Andrew, also died in the accident. She was pronounced dead on arrival when she reached the hospital. Andrew Bloomfield, the groom made it to the hospital but died later on. On the other hand, Ruth Driskill, the bride and Timothy Tebbe, the driver, were left in a critical state up to this time. This is just a clear evidence how easily life can turn upside down. The bride was not able to experience a happy life together with her groom.

According to the police report, the four people were riding a pickup truck when the accident happened. They change course while travelling the road more or less four in the afternoon. It is also said that they went to Tebbe’s place and were returning to the reception to continue the party when the accident happened. Also, before crashing to the field, the pickup truck hit the embankment as well as the pole which caused them to roll a number of times. All four people were not using their seatbelts during that time. This news has saddened a lot of people and many considered it as a tragic happening by which the couple, family and friends were not prepared of.

In a Facebook post of Andrew, just the day before his wedding, he said “ready to start a new chapter” and “I never thought I would find that person to settle down with but I guess I just got lucky. Soon I will be a married man.” Just by reading his posts, you can eventually see how happy he is to be with Ruth but he has never had the chance to do so.

Their love story taught a lot of people to take time to be happy and spread love to all mankind. Truly, you cannot predict what will happen next in your life. When fate plays with you, you cannot escape from it. Just like what happened to Ruth and Andrew, a dream wedding that turned into the greatest nightmare of their lives.