Five Wedding Themes and Places That Are Beyond Normal, #3 Is Not For The Faint Of Heart

By  | 8 years ago

Who says weddings can only be done in churches, gardens, and other close areas? These top 5 most fascinating places to get married will surely blow up your mind.

Bungee Jump Wedding

Bungee Jump Wedding

Yes! Sandra Eens and Jeroen Kippers just made their wedding extra special and unmistakably exciting. They decided to do the wedding ceremony 164 feet above the ground.

But they weren’t alone. Their 22 relatives were securely strapped to witness their exchange of vows.

Then of course, it’s a wedding, everyone is wearing formal attires like tuxedos and dresses.

As the platform slowly rises, the wedding ceremony went on until Sandra and Jereon exchanged rings. After that, they both jumped 164 feet above the air.

Wedding on Wheels

Reverend Darrell Best Chapel On The Wheels

Who says cars are just for joy rides? You can also have your dream wedding in it. Reverend Darrell Best is a chapel on wheels.

The mass with complete with everything a usual wedding has. This car fits everything a groom, bride and relatives need.

If you’re thinking that it will cost too much because it’s unique and wonderfully made, you’re thinking it wrong. It only costs $200 then additional $2 per mile fee. But I’m sorry to say, honeymoons are not allowed in here!

Marriage in Hell

Tina Milhoane and Robert Seifer Cementery Wedding

Almost every couple wants to do their marriage in a solemn and religious place because it may seem like their doing it in heaven, but not Tina Milhoane and Robert Seifer.

This couple married in a haunted house near a cemetery. Looks crazy but they definitely have their reasons. They both work in the Horror house.

The groom and bride also customized their looks just to compliment in the eerie atmosphere.

The groom came out from the coffin to accept his bride and the bride wore a white dress with a squelch of red to appear like the character of Carrie.

It wouldn’t be complete if there’s no Grim Reaper, so the minister played that character. Pretty scary, right?

Nude Wedding

Nude Weddings

I just can’t find the words to explain or compliment this kind of wedding.

But one thing is for sure, it’s ultimately UNIQUE! Imagine how much you’ll save with the wedding dress and everything. The largest nude wedding ever known is on 2003, during Valentine’s Day.

A total of 29 couples were present in this event and everything were provided free of charge courtesy of the resort.

A Mount Everest Wedding

PemDorjee and Moni Mulepati Everest Wedding

Going to the top of the mountain is extraordinary. But going to the highest mountain on Earth, the Mt. Everest, is simply epic.

And to go to the top and get married is just romantic.

Conquering this gigantic mountain out of love and to exchange vows is just priceless and the best among this list.

Many couples tried have their wedding in Mt. Everest but only the Nepalese couple Pem Dorjee and Moni Mulepati made it through.

They needed to have their own oxygen mask and they took it off when exchanging vows just for about 10 minutes.

Amazing, right?