5 Weird Wedding Traditions You Probably Didn’t Know About! #5 Is Beyond Awful!

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Weddings are considered to be a life-long journey with your chosen one. But for some people, it is a combination of fun, excitement and sometimes terrifying events. Why? Because couples tend to follow traditions you couldn’t imagine a groom and bride can do. But then, because of beliefs of happy marriage and healthy children, the couple is forced to do so. Here are some weird traditions you probably didn’t know about. Be prepared to do these things if you’re planning to get married in one of these countries.

Blackening The Bride

Blackening The Bride

To commend the happiest day in a woman’s life, companions and relatives of the spouse will indicate love by putting each nasty and frightful things you can envision just like expired milk, dead fish, tar, sauces, mud, flour into a container and tossing it over her. She is then attached to a tree and after taken for a night of drinking. The conviction is that on the chance that you can deal with this, you can also deal with anything, including marriage. In short darkening the bride is to equip her for any mortification or issues she’ll run over in the midst of her married life.

To Be Married To A Tree First: India

Married To A Tree

Yes, you are just reading it right. In countries, like India, this tradition is widely practiced. It is said that the one to do this are women who were born as Mangliks (A time where Mars and Saturn are underneath the 7th house), are considered to be “cursed” and believed to lead their husband to death and sufferings. So as to take away the curse, the bride should marry the tree first. They believed that if they cut the tree, the curse will be lost.

NO Using Of Toilets Please: Indonesia

Wedding Toilet

Some countries tend to perform not just gross traditions but also strange one. In Indonesia, a newlywed couple are bound to refrain from using the toilet for 3 days. It is believed to cause a marriage full of happiness and healthy babies. Well, if that’s the case, then your sacrifices are all worthy.

Shooting The Bride

Shooting The Bride

In China’s customs and traditions, shooting the bride is considered to be a happy occasion. Luckily, the three bows don’t have arrowheads so you could say that the bride won’t get hurt. After doing so, the groom will then break down the bows which will ensure a life-long love for each other.

Eating In The Toilet Bowl: France

Toilet Bowl Feast

Get ready for the worst wedding tradition you certainly need to know. Eating in the toilet bowl with nasty things just like leftovers, and some edible trash is a tradition in France that you should certainly need to do. It is said that this act will boost the performance of the couple in their first night. If the couple refuse to consume it, then the guess will never ever leave the room.  This wedding tradition is a bit gross, you would think twice when marrying.

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