12 Marriage Proposals That Will Change Your Mind in Proposing Publicly

By  | 8 years ago

1. Sorry Buddy!!

2. Did you ever think to do it privately?…

That was hard boy…..

3. Totally embarrassing …. Just ask him to eat then propose privately maybe less shame if denied.

4. Completely Rejected!!! Then Runs away…

5. Another Runaway…

6. In front of a huge crowd and in full stadium.

7. Another poor boy here.

8. Even in your girlfriend’s family.

9. Why always in half-time break

10. On live TV with a large audience… Oh no boy!!

11. Even in National TV

12. Woah!! Maybe just enjoy the band..

Maybe propose to her privately before you propose on public, it’s better to be sure than to be humiliated.
Post inspired by: BuzzFeed