The Best Wedding Photobomb Ever!

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Photos are surely very important in every wedding. It will capture all your sweet and special moments which will never fade away for a long time. Your children, grandchildren and even your great grandchildren will see it in the future. That’s why capturing moments in a wedding is truly very important. Some couple even spends so much with hiring a professional photographers and videographers just for their special day. But what if there’s a photo bomber? It is not just any other ordinary photo bomber but a bit scary one. This scary photo bomber has the ability to crash your perfect photo shoot in just a minute. Would you still smile in the camera or just run as fast as you can?

Wedding Photobomb Bull 1

During a photo shoot of the newlywed couple, Rebecca and Brian Pepper, there seems to be an extraordinary photo bomber, a BULL. The photographer noticed it first from behind the couple and told them that there’s uninvited guest lurking around. Who would think that this uninvited guest will just come by unnoticed?

The photographer instructed the couple to just ignore the bull and continue the photo shoot which was set for sunset. But the photographer is really wrong with the thought that the bovine will just go away. Because instead of feeling afraid, the bull continued to come across the newlywed couple. Then everyone were frightened because it keeps on getting closer and closer. Until it reached Rebecca’s wedding dress and sniff in it. That was pretty scary, right?

Wedding Photobomb Bull 3

At last, they were able to scare the bull away from the dress. What do you think will happen next? Yes, of course! The bull is now as mad as it should be and is rushing to the couple to get his revenge. But luckily, thanks to the bride’s prince charming who grew up all his life with bulls around him, he managed to handle the situation. This is just a remarkable experience that can’t be easily forgotten.

Wedding Photobomb Bull 2

If you think that what they’re afraid of is their own safety ONLY, then you’re eventually really wrong! They were more afraid of the expensive car they rented for the photo shoot. Just the thought of how much you’ll pay for it is really worrisome. Anyhow, despite all that happened, one thing is certainly true, they have an exciting story to share to other people and to their children.

Weddings are somewhat a great day with mix events that could be happy or sad. The best thing to remember is that you’re with the person you love. Though there are small trouble like the story of Rebecca and Brian, everything still went well. One thing is for sure, every wedding is unique from one another.

Wedding Photobomb Bull 4

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