Dad Wins the Internet after Trolling Daughter’s Wedding Proposal with “Say No” Sign

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Everyone knows that dads are often the ones who find it hard to let go of their daughters when it comes to dating and marriage. In fact, a lot of dads would joke (and we’re quite sure it’s half-meant!) that they are going to get their guns ready when their daughters begin accepting suitors.

Of course, dads don’t always act as the ‘bad guy’ in their daughters’ romantic lives because when their kids are ready to settle down, they can also be the most supportive. There are even a lot of dads who would willingly foot the bill (or a huge chunk of the bill) at their daughter’s wedding!

But one dad recently won the internet after trolling his daughter’s wedding proposal with a “Say No” sign. LOL.

Allison Barron and Levi Bliss of Winnemucca, Nevada, had been dating for 2 years. So, when Levi decided to pop the big question, he first asked permission from Allison’s dad that he’d do it.

With her dad’s approval, Levi later brought Allison to a field where a sign awaited in the far distance: “Marry Me”. But if he thought he had her dad’s 100% approval, he was wrong because the guy was also present at the field, holding a “Say No” sign. LOL.

Thankfully for Levi, dad Jake Barron was just trolling them – and he really did approve of Levi for his daughter. And Allison didn’t follow her dad’s ‘suggestion’.

I said YES! ? Future Mrs. Bliss ❤️

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Later, Allison shared photos of her dad’s “Say No” protest on Twitter where it took the internet by storm.

This is really just my dad’s personality… We both know my dad so well, we got the joke right away and found it funny,” she explained.

She also added that her dad and Levi were actually ‘quite close’.

We have gone on many trips all together and they have hung out just the two of them before too, playing tennis, riding dirt bikes, and other activities,” Allison added.

People loved the sign, commenting that while most dads wouldn’t dare do this, this is what they secretly feel like doing because they don’t want to ‘lose’ their daughters forever. Of course, that’s just a little melodramatic and a lot of dads would really love to see their grandkids soon after their children’s marriage.

And Dad Jake would soon become an internet meme