13 Inspiring Wedding Proposals You Surely Wanted To See

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13 Marriage Proposals That She Said Yes!

Wedding proposals, if done right, can be really one of a kind. If you are about to propose in publich and you don’t want to be rejected like these dudes in here, make sure to watch each and one of the below videos!

Talk to a magician to get your girl on stage and make the biggest trick –THE PROPOSAL.

Make an announcement over the PA system of an airplane and proposed in front of the passenger.

Getting your friends in a train and make them sing a wonderful song then suddenly proposed to her.

Asking your girl in a way that is special to both of you.

This guy use boards with some internet meme on it to tell what he feels and to ask her girl to marry him.

Get your girlfriend sit and listen to a great song while your family and friends dance to the song with matching lip dub on it. Then when the song finish it’s time to proposed to her.

Do a graffiti mural and let it do the talking.

Make a music video about you and your girl and play it in front of her relatives.

Spell out the word “will you marry me” using building lights.

An anchor was reading an auto-cue of a breaking news that an anchor was about to be propose to and suddenly it turned to be her.

Another anchor proposal

Make a marriage proposal movie trailer and get it to show on a cinema where she can watch it.

Another fake movie trailer proposal.

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