The Wedding of The Year: JC Intal and Bianca Gonzalez Wedding

By  | 8 years ago

One of the most awaited wedding of the year has been successfully done.

A week before their planned wedding, Bianca Gonzalez and JC Intal married each other last December 4, 2014.

They were supposed to be married on Dec. 10 but it was moved because of personal reasons.

The wedding was held in Palawan and it was an intimate wedding with only 50 guests.

Yes, only 50 of their closest friends and relatives were there to witness the exchange of vows.

JC Intal Bianca Gonzales Wedding Proposal

It was not a secret to everyone that the couple wanted the wedding to be intimate so it’s not a great shock when the news said that it was just participated by 50 people only.

JC proposed to Bianca in Ninoy Aquino International Airport, just hours before the departure of Bianca to London.

It was such a beautiful proposal witnessed by their relatives, friends and all the other people in the airport.

Bianca and JC chose to have a simple yet elegant wedding. Believe it or not, but Bianca did her own make up during this most special day.

She sure had the guts to do it, and not so many brides have the courage to do that.

And take note, her make-up is such a great success! Another unbelievable thing for such a famous personality, Bianca opted to wear an RTW wedding gown.

Yes, she just picked it in the rack but look, she looks fantastic and gorgeous, of course!

JC Intal Bianca Gonzales Wedding


According to her wedding coordinator, Bianca is easy to work with because she already know what she wants which gives them more concise options.

And as of the location, it’s simply ROMANTIC! That’s the best description for it. The simple dream wedding turned out to be such a unique one.

To those couple who are planning to settle down, put in mind that your wedding doesn’t need to be grand, to keep your vow for the rest of your lives is the most important thing.