If You Think You Already Saw The Most Memorable Wedding Proposal, You’ll Think Twice After Seeing This Video!

By  | 8 years ago

Surprises from the people you love is simply priceless.

But you should put in mind that when you pull a surprise, it should be worth the time and effort.

You should make it extravagant and full-packed with wonderful memories that you can treasure throughout the days of your lives.

Wedding proposal is just one of those suprises pulled by your bofriend which is considered to be very special.

Maybe because some men consider it as a step closer to a wonderful life together with the woman they love, they prefer to make it something more extraordinary and romantic.

Mobbed Wedding Proposal

This is not your normal wedding proposal video where the man gets on his knees and ask the woman he loves for marriage.

If you think that you’ve already seen the most romantic and dramatic wedding proposals in the history, then you should stop that thought.

Because this video will change the ordinary way of proposing to someone you love. You might want to imitate it, but I think i’ll not be that easy to do.

The woman in this video thought that this would be the worst day of her entire life, until a total twist occured. The man of her life, proposed to her not in a normal way.

It was totally different that she would surely remember it throughout her entire life.

He didn’t settled for anything normal, it was extraordnary, also because of the help of some great people from the “Mobbed” show.

If you’ll see this video, you’ll think that it’s some sort of action show between two girlfriends against one man.

That’s pretty aweful if this is really true. But luckily, everything was just an act to pacify a remarkable event, the wedding proposal.

You surely need to see the video so you’ll see how the girl reacted about what supposed to be an act of unfaithfulness of his boyfriend.

The good thing is that, even after she knew everything that his boyfriend did (according to the act) she still wants to be with him because she knew he loves her so much.

This soon to be married couple shows one good aspect that should be applied to all married couple out there, faith.

It’s so great to hear that she still wants to be with the man despite all, but then again, everything is just an act for a more romantic and memorable propsal.