If You Think You Already Know How To Propose To Your Woman, You’ll Think Twice After Seeing This Video!

By  | 7 years ago

There are a dozen of ways to propose to your woman, but one common thing about them all is that, the man kneels down, offer the ring and waits if his girl will accept it or not.

But what do you think will happen if inside the ring box is a camera to capture the precious facial expression of your girl about your proposal? It will totally be memorable and fun.

Just imagine the happiness in her face and you’ve perfectly captured it.

That’s just fantastic and you can let her see it in the future.

You’ll surely both enjoy this captured moment which you’ll treasure for the rest of your lives together.

Just prepare for her initial reaction if she’ll know that you tool a video of her, take note, she might get angry but you love her so much that  you can endure it, right?

Wedding Proposal Ring Cam

This video contains some of the funniest yet remarkable expression you’ll ever see.

Some girls here even jumped like they won the lottery jackpot.

But that just how it is, to be with the person you love and who loves you back is like winning the biggest prize in any lottery.

Enjoy this video and you might want to try this on your own proposal.

Since it’s not quite known already, your girlfriend might give you a big ‘Yes!’ There are a lot of ways to propose to the love of your life, but one thing seems to be perfectly true, each moment should be treasured and the prefect way to do it is to capture a video or photos of the proposal.

That way, even if you both get old, you can still feel like it’s just yesterday, when you proposed to your woman and you tied the knot with the most precious girl in the whole wide world.

Enjoy the video and you might want to try it on your own!