This Is Probably The Most Trickiest Wedding Proposal You Will Ever See! WATCH IT!

By  | 8 years ago

A unique and memorable wedding proposal- that is certainly the dream of every woman! You, as a woman, can’t deny the fact that you want to be asked by the love of your life for a life-long journey together as husband and wife.

To some men, they prefer to have their marriage proposal in a gradiose way.

They’ll spend a lot of money for the wedding proposal so they’ll have a higher chance of receiving a big “Yes!” But that’s not certainly true to all.

Some would prefer to have it in a simple yet unique way.

Just like what this man did to this supposed to be a holiday photo which turned out to be a romantic wedding proposal.

You’d think that it’s a simple holiday family photo, right? Everybody is holding letters.

It just seems to be a normal happy family picture.

Merry Xmas Proposal

But wait for the next things these people will do. You’ll realize that they’re really awesome in their own simple way.

The woman in red, located at the center didn’t even thought that this simple family picture will turn out to be a wedding proposal.

The people around her were all accomplice.

And they made a great act. You can’t deny it.

Marry Me Proposal

After seeing the photos, she was surprised about the outcome.

And her boyfriend kneeled down and asked for her hand.

It’s so amazing to think that a simple act will turn out to be a great wedding proposal that this woman will certainly remember for the rest of her life.

Asking the hands of your love is just a hard thing to do, but if you’ll think that after the proposal, you’ll have a big chance of having her by your side for the rest of your life is just inspiring.

You don’t need to spend a lot.

You just need to pull some efforts and no doubt, she’ll surely like it.

It’s not about the money you’ll spend for the proposal, it’s all about the care and love you’re so willing to give her matters most.

This man just made sure that his girlfriend and soon-to-be wife will remember Christmas the best way ever.

Anyway, Christmas is all about love which God has given to all of us.