These 10 Wedding Proposal Confessions Are So Insane! Can You Imagine #5?

By  | 7 years ago

We’ve seen a lot of wedding proposals here and there. There are those proposals that gone wrong and there are those proposals that truly captivated our hearts and emotions.

But as we all know, not all wedding proposals are created equal. Although the main objective of each and every wedding proposal is to get married, not all of them was done in a good taste or situation.

Below are few confessions about proposals that were originally posted at Read them up and let us know your reaction at the comment section below.

The Very Modern Proposal

Modern Proposal

The Broken Nose Proposal

Broken Nose Proposal

The Pain Killer Proposal

Sleeping Proposal

The Highly Dangerous Proposal

Dangerous Proposals

The You-Figure-This-Out Proposal

Anal Proposal

The Live Más Proposal

Taco Bell live más Proposal

The Ring-On-Cake Proposal

Ring Cake Proposal

The Forgotten Name Proposal

Wrong Name Proposal

The Creepy Proposal

Human Skull Proposal

The Mistaken Identity Proposal

Mistaken Identty Proposal

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