Michigan Couple’s Wedding Ring Goes Viral for Its Unique Inscription

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What’s written inside your wedding ring?

While most wedding rings feature the couple’s names and the date they got married, one couple from Lake Orion in Oakland County, Michigan (US) chose something unique.

The words:

“Put it back on”

were written inside the matching rings of Dan and Amanda Tallman.

Michigan Couple Wedding Ring message put it on became viral

While these words were quite simple and might sound like a command, it was a nice idea for each of them to be reminded that they have to hold on and fight for their love no matter what happens in the future.

Instead on giving up and taking off their rings if their marriage breaks down in some future, the rings would remind them to take a step towards making their marriage work.

Of course, there are lots of other ways, mostly cheesy, to put the same message into the ring yet it was something that Amanda thought would best work in their marriage.

It was actually her idea to place those words into the rings. In fact, she did not tell Dan about it but secretly slipped a note to one of the store employees for the words to be placed in the wedding rings.

When Dan went back to the store to fit his ring, he saw the inscription and admittedly laughed with everyone in the store.

“Our relationship is one full of love and laughter and some good humorous jokes. We have a terrific marriage and we have a terrific relationship prior to that,”

Dan said

“I’m just truly blessed to have such a great wife, a wonderful family, and the best friends that anyone could have. We often say that ‘We’re living the dream’ and this is just part of that dream.”

The couple had gotten married in 2011 in Traverse City and now have 3 kids together yet the ring remains as a funny reminder of their beautiful relationship and a “command” for them to make it work.
A snapshot of the ring was recently posted by one of their friends.

This quickly went viral and has already been viewed by several million people.

(Source via clickondetroit.com, theoaklandpress.com)