The Story Behind This Wedding Celebration Will Make You Smile and Cry At The Same Time. The Bride’s Mother Should Be Given An Award!

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Every great mother wanted nothing but the best for her child. This is what the story of Janice Di Joseph and her daughter exemplifies.

Janice’s daughter, Ricchina, has Down Syndrome.

Over the years, Richinna began to notice that she was quite different to the other girls around her.

After attending a lot of wedding programs and ceremonies with her mother, Ricchina started to ask and talk about her own wedding. Janice don’t know how to respond.

She doesn’t want to break her daughter’s heart so she decided to give her girl the wedding she always wanted, at the same day of her 25th birthday.

So it’s Ricchina’s birthday celebration with a wedding theme.

The below photographs tells us the story of Ricchina’s wedding themed birthday. All photos are property of Lindsay Morris.

Ricchina getting ready on her big day.

Ricchina is styled by friends at a neighborhood salon on south P

Ricchina With her mother and the gown she is about to wear.

Janice encourages Ricchina to get ready.

Ricchina all dressed up and ready for her biggest day.

Ricchina In Front Of Mirror

Ricchina and her mother, Janice Di Joseph, sharing a moment together.

Ricchina and mom Sharing Moments Together

Ricchina at her wedding themed birthday celebration.

She even asked for the garter to be taken, just like in a normal wedding ceremony she seen may times.

Ricchina Wedding Themed Birthday Celebration

Ricchina and her mother Janice, had a touching first dance.

First Dance Ricchina Janice Di Joseph

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