The Unforgettable Performance of A Father In His Daughter’s Wedding

By  | 8 years ago

A father-daughter bonding is rarely heard off. It’s because fathers tend to get busy with their work and losses time to bond with their children.

A mother-daughter bonding is more common. So during their daughters weddings, that’s the only time fathers could express what they feel within.

So a father’s speech during a wedding is one of the most awaited part.

Nicole Cortez, a sign language interpreter, received an ultimately unforgettable gift from her father. This gift is simply unexpected.

Want to know what it is? It’s not a very expensive gift or an all-expense paid trip to any country, but rather a song in sign language.

It’s pretty amazing right? Her father is not mute-or deaf.

He just pulled all the effort for his daughter. And he was really right! Nicole was so happy about the song in sign language made by his father.

Nicole Cortez Daddy Singing Wedding

And to think that Nicole is an interpreter for sign language, it means so special to her.

And take note, her father practice the entire song for one year, after hearing about the engagement of his daughter. That seems to be a really thoughtful and loving father.

But that’s just the nature of most fathers. They tend not to express their love for their children often but that doesn’t mean they don’t love them.

Nicole Cortez was teary-eyed about what his father did and said that she was so lucky to have him as his father.

Those words were heart-warming and really worth all the effort his father has done.

Furthermore, the performance of his father ended with a sign language, “I’m Watching You” which made the crowd laughed.

An amazing performance from the most important person of your life, that just sound very touching and worth the effort. Love your parents as they won’t be with you for a very long time.

Make them feel that they are the most special people of your life before it’ll be too late.