Wedding Photographer Fired By Client For Supporting Gay Marriage. His Epic Response May Just Bring Him More Gigs!

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When the U.S. Supreme Court approved the legalization of gay marriage, numerous people and businesses of all forms and sectors showed their happiness and utmost support over the decision online.

Some websites released articles and blog posts honoring the marriage equality and numerous profile photos on Facebook becomes rainbow-colored suddenly.

But not all people are happy about it.

There are some who has a very different point of view about it.

This is what transpired to the case of a photographer in Florida who lost a client after he showed his support online for marriage equality.

When Clinton Brentwood Lee of Brentwood Photography changed his Facebook profile picture and cover photo to show his support at the historical decision, a client immediately messaged him.

Brentwood Photography Facebook Page

According to Lee, a client contacted him to say that they would no longer be “using [his] services” for their upcoming wedding.

“My fiancé and I support traditional marriage between a man and a woman and don’t want to our money going to places that supports otherwise [sic],” the client allegedly wrote.

Lee then publicly shared a screenshot of his response to that client (at his Facebook business page) with the caption: “Lost a client for supporting gay marriage.

But that’s ok! We love everyone, even this now former client who may not have liked our reply. Lol.”

Here’s Brentwood Photography full’s reply that is also posted via their Instagram account:

The business reply heard ’round the world! Lol I hope in the scheme of life this isn’t the one thing I am known for but I am happy I took a stand.

The only thing I wish I had changed on this photo screen shot is where it says I support “Gay Marriage”. While I 100% do, I wish I had just said that I support marriage opportunity for all.

We shouldn’t have to call it “gay marriage” like it is something different.

It’s just marriage. Like it is between a man or a woman or a black person and a white person.

Ever person on this planet deserves their own happy ever after, even if it is different from your view of it.

Don’t like “gay marriage” that’s cool, don’t get “gay married”! But don’t try to stop a company who believes everyone deserves to be happy.

PLEASE NOTE: Yes I realize I could have handled this differently or more professionally, but I have always been known to be an artist with freely expressed feelings and my uniqueness.

I will never stop being me. I will continue to love everyone. #loveislove #love #marriage #lgbt #glad #lovewins #standup #pride #istandwithyou #kcco

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Not all people are surely pleased with the photographer’s reply.

According to Lee, he already received few hundreds of messages wherein 90 percent shows words of encouragement and support while 10 percent are personally attacking him because of his gay marriage support.

What’s your opinion about this? Do you think what he did is just right?