You Don’t See This Often In A Wedding Ceremony. This Is Probably The Most Amazing Dance Step Ever! Watch It!

By  | 7 years ago

Weddings are indeed a celebration of joy and love.

During that time, relatives, friends and the couple itself tend to enjoy the most out of it. Since this is a once in a lifetime event, some guests might want to steal the spotlight.

Some might seem to be unlucky but to those who are able to get the attention of everyone, well, a big ‘CONGRATULATION’ to you.

There are a lot of unexpected things that might happen during a wedding ceremony. There are times when the spotlight will get redirected to the guest rather than the couple.

Just like what just happened in this video.

Well, I guess the boy wants to impress someone in that wedding, maybe some girls out there, but certainly, his performance is exceptional and has gotten the attention of the other guests and the couple as well.

You’ll surely laugh until your stomach will hurt because this video is such so funny.

Harlan, the boy with exceptional dance moves were one of the guest for Logan and Kelly’s wedding.

You’d think that everyone is enjoying the dance in front because all of the seats were unoccupied, but, in the back, you’ll see that Harlan is enjoying his own dance in the floor.

If you’ll watch the video, you’ll realize that everyone is not paying attention to the kid, but maybe, later on, when the video is out, they’ve notice someone dancing in the floor, Harlan.

Well, the kid might already been bored or he is just trying to impress some girls in the party.

And he was able to succeed on that, he was able to grab the attention of the guests and was able to get his dance video circulated online.

He is such an amazing kid, right? Let’s just hope that the bride and groom were not mad about what Harlan did.

Warning: This video super funny dance moves of a child which you will surely like.

You might want to grab something because you will surely repeat watching this video for a couple of times.

Since it’s so funny and you’ll laugh till you drop, make sure to tell your friends about this video.