This Is Probably The Best Under Five Minute Love Story You Will Ever See. So Romantic, So Touching!

By  | 7 years ago

“The Fork Wedding”

Based on a true story.

This is a love or wedding story of a young bride’s grandmother and her groom’s grandfather.

In the video, the bride’s grandmother revealed a shocking secret.

She told her granddaughter about getting married to another man, Freddie, at age of 18. But a week after the wedding, Nazis took Freddie and she never saw him again.

The only memory she had of him was a FORK broken in half for good luck. She got the upper half while Freddie got the lower half of it.

Grandmother handed the broken FORK to her daughter for good luck.

Later at the wedding, a big revelation happened.

The other half of the FORK was at the hand of the groom! The bride was amazed and shock knowing that she got the upper half of it.

As the video plays, it was revealed that the grandfather of the groom is indeed FREDDIE!

That moment indeed brought some tears and strong FEELS! Watch the whole story or video below for you to understand what I mean.