WATCH: The Bride Can’t Wait Anymore! She Married Her Navy Sailor Boyfriend Right At The International Airport!

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What A Lovely And Surprising Wedding That Happened In An International Airport

Dylan Ruffer Madison Meinhardt Nuptial

Who says long distance relationships won’t last? That is certainly very wrong! If it’s true love then no distance can separate them. Love will conquer it all. There are a lot of couples having this same difficult situation. Some still stays together, others fall apart. That is the reason why long distance relationships are said to be a test of true love, trust and faithfulness, all in one. For those couples who still stay together will certainly have a stronger foundation, and that’s for sure.

Navy Sailor Dylan Ruffer was sent overseas to fulfill his duties. He left his high school girlfriend, Madison Meinhardt, for a couple of months. Before Dylan left for Syria, he already proposed to his girlfriend and was accepted instantly. But as he landed in Reno-Tahoe International Airport months after being apart, he was so shocked with what happened. Madison prepared their wedding right in the international airport, in the baggage claim area, their dream wedding was made. Because Dylan wanted to get married so badly, Madison made all the preparations but refused to tell the whole thing to his groom-to-be. Dylan was shocked to see that everything was prepared and the guests were complete, from their parents, their relatives up to their family and friends.

Because the airport employees were so happy and touched with the planned surprise wedding, they helped in preparing for the wedding. They decorated the area and made sure that everything is just perfect for the couple. It might not be a big and grandiose wedding but it has inspired a lot of people. Imagine having the wedding in an international airport with just the help of airport employees! That is really a memorable one and should be treasured forever.

Dylan and Madison were together since high school. They got into the same school and were idolized by their friends because of their great love. They went through hard times especially when Dylan went overseas to work. Madison said that it was the hardest for her because she thought that long distance relationship won’t work for them. According to her, they were always together before but then suddenly, everything changed because of Dylan’s work. But she was very wrong. Dylan proposed to her and promised to get married when he arrives back. But she knew that Dylan was so eager to get married so she surprised her love.

Their wedding created abuzz online leading them to have a spot as Top 10 wedding of 2013 in some wedding related websites. This just proves that their wedding story has inspired not just their family and friends but also the netizens. Truly, true love cannot be measured through distance; it’s about how much you love each other, how faithful you are to one another and how eager you are to be with the one you really love. The Dylan-Madison love story should be a living proof that true love does really exists even in this new era. Always have faith in love!

Dylan Ruffer Madison Meinhardt