You Won’t Believe What This Mom Has Gone Through To Witness His Son’s Wedding, This Will Seriously Make You Cry

By  | 8 years ago

A parent’s appearance in a wedding is way more important than any other guest in the house. There is no other person much more important than the appearance of the bride and groom’s parents because it will also signify that they are giving their blessings and acknowledgement in your wedding and your married life ahead. But for some cases, there are parents who are robbed with this opportunity. Though, it’s a fact that it is the dream of every parent to attend to their child’s wedding, some tend to face circumstances that could hinders them to the most special occasion of their lives. Here is a touching story about a mother who tried her very best to survive despite her sickness just to attend to the wedding of his precious son. Be inspired!

Mary Ann Manning With Son

Mary Ann Manning is one of those parents who were suffering from an illness. She has cancer. She was so sad because her son’s wedding is approaching and she thought that she wouldn’t make it to that very special day. But she made it to her son’s wedding. She mustered up all her strength and courage to dance with her precious son on his wedding day. It brought tears to all the guests and especially to her son. To dance with his mother was his dream but he was not so sure that would come true. The wedding ceremony was made extra special because of what Mary did. But sad news broke up 3 days after the wedding. Mary Ann Manning died. Everyone thought that Mary just did her very best to join her son in his wedding. Her family, relatives and friends were really sad but were really impressed by what Mary did. They were convinced that a mother’s love is genuine, true and can surpass even the call of death. The story was passed on from family members to friends, relatives and was circulated online.

“Mary Ann Manning lost her battle with breast cancer just 3 days after this dance. She held on with all her might to give her son this last gift. It’s really the epitome of a mother’s love. She now joins her other baby boy, who passed 4 years ago, in heaven.”

It is really true that while your parents are still alive, you’ve got to show that you love them and you care for them so much because they are not getting younger and you might lose them without letting them know what they really mean to you. This story has been a great inspiration to a lot of people and those who are getting married without their parents were also touched by this story.

After reading this inspiring story, I hope you all have a glimpse of how important parents are in your lives and in your weddings as well. For now, the son of Mary Ann Manning is enjoying a happy life despite losing his mother. Because he thought that his mother is in good hands. He knows that he has his mother’s blessings with their married life. And because of that, their life went on despite losing his mother. After all, Mary Ann Manning died happy because she was granted with her last request.