Watch How A Paralyzed Woman Walked Down The Aisle To Marry The Man Of Her Dreams

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Almost every woman dreams of walking down the aisle and being married to the love of their life.

That seems to be a fairytale-like scenario, but it’s made possible by many.

It’s just that not everyone seems to be lucky enough to have this once in a lifetime opportunity.

That goes to Katie Hughes.

She was half paralyzed because of a bad accident.

She is paralyzed from her waist down. That situation made Katie impossible to walk down the aisle on her own wedding day. She was worried about not getting to the altar without the help of a wheelchair.

Katie after a tough rehab session

Katie After The Rehab Session

Of course, it’s your wedding day; every bride wants to look the prettiest among all. So Katie decided to take the challenge.

She wanted to walk not just because of the family and friends that she have, but of course for her loving fiancée and herself as well.

A lot might think that a paralyzed person got no chance to walk, and then you’d totally be amazed by her.

Katie warming up with some squats.

Katie at the gym.

Determined to walk again.

Determination, that’s just the key to success. For Katie Hughes, she made a promise to herself that she needs to get to her toes on her wedding day.

With the help of the people around her and a world class trainer, everything was made possible. She had gone through a lot of hard work and perseverance.

She dedicated a lot of time to it, and luckily, she was able to walk down the aisle with a small help from two people.

Katie working hard in gym

Katie’s determination is really inspiring. She really works hard on the gym.

Her story is such an inspiring one.

She was able to get up from the unfortunate accident she’s been through. But it never stopped her, instead, it made her more determined and loved her second life even more.

Katie walking down the aisle.

Katie walking down the aisle.

You might want to grab a tissue if you decide to watch her video of walking down the aisle. It’s so inspiring, you’d surely reflect on it.

The thing is, you’d succeed in whatever trouble you have in your life.

Yes, you will! You only need to stay focused in overcoming it all and standing still amidst the ups and downs. Remember, nothing is so hard if you’ve got the right amount of determination.

Katie with her husband

Katie with her husband