These Three Touching Wedding Stories Are So Inspirational, Can’t Help But To Cry At #3

By  | 8 years ago

These three wedding stories are real tearjerker. Grab a box of tissue while you read them.

Triple Wedding

A cancer patient named Becky Swales has three daughters. She really wished to see her precious children walk down the aisle. But Becky was afraid she couldn’t make it because of her health condition. But on Oct. 13, 2013, her daughters, Sarah, Kylie and Jolie were already engaged even before their mothers’ cancer diagnoses. So they both decided to fulfill their mother’s last wish. They said ‘I DO’ together. The three got married together to fulfill the last wish of their drying mom. Everyone was touched but didn’t allow sadness to fill the happy event. This life changing event has been the center of attraction by a lot of people and even the online world. 12 hours after the wedding, Becky Swales died. Everyone was saddened but impressed by how she really survived her dying moments just to see her daughter’s wedding.

A Tear-Jerking Father and Daughter Last Dance

Dr. John Wolf has a terminal cancer and is said to have a very short time to live. But he has a last wish, to dance with her daughter Rachel Wolf in her wedding day. Rachel was afraid that her father couldn’t reach on her wedding day and he refused to pressure her boyfriend for a marriage. So she planned a fake wedding ceremony so she could dance with her father for the last time. It was such a lovely occasion. The event was complete from the decorations, to the food and guests which were close to them. Most especially Rachel wore a wedding dress. She believed that it will complete it all if she wears a wedding dress. She thought of playing the video footage in her real wedding in the future. Dr. John Wolf died days after the special ceremony. It’s really a sad story but also an inspiring one.

A Fantasy Wedding For A Dying Cancer Patient

Jen Bulik has stage 4 lung cancer. Her boyfriend decided to marry her in just a low cost wedding. But a blessing in disguise suddenly appeared, their wedding coordinator was so moved by their love story that she decided to raise funds to produce a fantasy and grandiose wedding for the couple. Erica Ota, the wedding planner, seek for donations from 65 vendors and was able to raise as much as $50,000. That’s really a lot of money for a wedding. The simple wedding that the couple could afford turns out to be a fantasy wedding everybody dreams of. Take note, the fantasy wedding were planned and organized just for 2 weeks. The couple got married on July 27, 2013. The couple was surrounded by their family and friends on their special day. The sad news is that Jen Bulik died on October, just months after their fantasy wedding.

Weddings are supposed to be a happy occasion for everyone. But to some, it’s heartbreaking. Not because they don’t want to get married but it’s just that they think that the happiness they have on that day will only last for a short while.