What A Very Heartwarming Wedding Video – Almost Impossible To Watch Without Crying!

By  | 7 years ago

WATCH: Son Sings a Heartfelt Song at His Mother’s wedding as He Walks Her down the Aisle

Of all the wedding videos I had seen and posted here at WatAWeddings.Com, this one is by far the most unique.

The son of the bride sings a song by Jamie Foxx titled “The Day I Married My Angel” as he walks her mother down the aisle.

He change some of the words and lyrics so it will greatly fit the occasion.

The beat and the tune of the song itself and its lyrics will make you tear a bit.

And knowing that it’s her son who is singing the song at her very special day will surely make you feel emotional.

Nonetheless, it’s a happy moment between the son and her mother. 

It just shows how special she is to him.

Watch it here:

By the way, the guy has a great voice.

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