This Wedding Cake Is Probably The Future Of All Wedding Cakes! Never Seen Anything Like This Before!

By  | 7 years ago

This is a normal wedding ceremony wherein the traditional slicing of the cake is about to be done.

But the bride and groom suddenly stop from doing it.

You will know the reason why by watching the video below.

Wedding Cake – 3D Projection Mapping by RDW Wedding Cake:

The couple’s wedding cake is enhanced with 3D Projection Mapping.

It really made the celebration and cake cutting ceremony more special and awesome.

For sure the guests were amazed upon witnessing this one of a kind wedding cake that will probably become popular in the near future.

Here’s another sample from HighlandMediaworks YouTube Channel:

This is an example of the 3D Projection Mapping technique applied to a “Wedding Cake” shaped sculpture.

Video textures create a dramatic visual experience.

This is perfect for weddings, as the video textures can be customized to the wedding theme and can display photos of the bride and groom and messaging from well wishers, right on the cake!.

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