Amazing Couple with Down Syndrome Celebrates 22 Years of Happy Marriage

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Wedding anniversary celebrations are truly romantic and magical at the same time.

It’s an amazing proof that marriage do work and it can last for a lifetime.

The 22nd wedding anniversary of couple Tommy and Maryanne Pilling is one of those proofs of love.

But what makes their anniversary extra amazing and special is that they have to overcome many challenges and negative criticism over the years as they both have Down syndrome.

Tommy and Maryanne Pilling Anniversary

Tommy and Maryanne Pilling

Maryanne and Tommy first met at a local training center for people with learning difficulties and special needs.  

They become close together and eventually become a couple.

And after dating for about 18 months, Tommy asked Mary Anne to marry him – with a help of a toy ring from a vending machine.

Mary Anne’s mother gave Tommy her blessing that lead to their dream wedding.

Tommy and Maryanne got married in July 1995 in a church wedding in Essex.

The ceremony was witnessed by their family and friends whom supported and helped them with all the planning and preparation.

In one interview, Maryanne’s sister, Linda Newman said that the couple loves one another dearly. They respect one another and completely honest with each other.

She also revealed that after the wedding, their mother received negative comments about the marriage of two people with Down syndrome.

Some even said that it was disgusting and their marriage shouldn’t be honored.  

It was a lot to take in for their mom but knowing that the couples are deeply in loved and for the happiness of her daughter, she took and swallowed it all.

Linda Newman also said in the interview that she never seen love like it among any other couple.

And after two decades of strong marriage and happy life as couple, Tommy and Maryanne will celebrated their 22nd anniversary this summer.

Tommy and Maryanne Pilling WEDDING

Tommy and Maryanne Pilling Wedding Day

Maryanne was 24 years old and Tommy was 37 when they got married.

She wore a beautiful gown partnered with a tiara and wide smile. Tommy wore a nice a suit along with a happy look on his face.

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