This Unique Wedding Invitation Nearly Gave Everyone A Heart Attack!

By  | 5 years ago

Do you want all of your invited guests to show up in your wedding? This kind of wedding invitation can surely help!

A soon-to-be married Sheriff’s wedding invitation will surely forced its recipients to show up in his wedding ceremony. Although it nearly gave everyone a heart attack, we can say that it’s truly effective and quite hilarious at the same time.

Sheriff Matt and partner Nancy designed a wedding invitation the best way he knew how. Rather than sending out a traditional and boring invitation card, they issued their friends, relatives and family members with a highly realistic “Notice To Appear” spoof summons. They used fake but highly realistic court summon papers complete with seal and enclosed them in envelopes, that more-than-likely made people think they got into some serious trouble until they open it up.

Notice To Appear Wedding Invitation Envelope

Notice To Appear Wedding Invitation WHOLE

At first look, this wedding invitation looks like a real, Notice To Appear summon. But on closer inspection, it’s pretty clear that it’s actually a wedding invitation.

Redditor user Exsupervillain shared two photographs of the wedding invitation through IMGUR few days ago and the images are now going viral. The image was captioned:

“My aunt is marrying a sheriff. Their invitation nearly gave everyone a heart attack.”

Majority of the Redditors love it and only few have some negative thoughts about it. One IMGUR even said that he would’ve thrown that kind of wedding invitation straight in the trash and moved in the next 10 minutes. But majority of the comments are purely hilarious and loves the very clever and unique invite. Some even chip-in their ideas for the wedding ceremony.

In one comment, someone said that: “You should get them handcuffs for the wedding night.”

Another said: “Getting married does feel like a life sentence. No one gets out early for good behavior,” making the invitation fit and right for the occasion.

You, what do you think of this clever wedding invite?

Via OK.Co.UK,, | Image by Exsupervillain