5 Hottest Wedding Trends to Consider If You’re Getting Married in 2018

By  | 4 years ago

These days, there are a lot of ideas you can find on the internet when it comes to just about anything, including planning your wedding. While wedding planners these days are quite adept at providing you with what you need, most couples want to incorporate something unique into the usual list.

If you are planning on getting married this year, here are some of the hottest wedding trends to consider:

Bouncy Castles

With couples often spending quite a lot of time with photographers after the wedding ceremony for the post-nup pictorials, you have to make sure your guests are busy and enjoying themselves while you pose for those pictures.

There are many ways you can entertain your guests, of course, but bouncy castles are actually become quite popular these days!

Photo credit: A Wedding Wonderland / Gazette Live

Instead of the colorful bouncy castles you see in kiddie parties, however, the ones you can hire for weddings come in white or light colors and; they are also huge and stylish, perfect for you and your adult guests to bounce on.

Of course, you might still consider renting a few smaller ones for the kids.

Vintage Themes

It seems as if the more modern the days are becoming, the more whimsical weddings could get if they are done in vintage themes. People are fond of doing ‘throwback’ posts on social media. You can enjoy a not-so-throwback moment by doing a vintage-themed wedding.

What’s great about vintage-themed weddings is that you don’t have to stress yourself out about how you can entertain your guests while you’re busy taking photos because they surely have a lot of things to talk about, with older guests probably reminiscing their pasts…

Black or Dark-Colored Gowns

Gone are the days when brides wear white as a sign of purity. These days, it has become trendier to wear red, black, or some other dark-colored gown! Of course, there are still a lot of brides who choose to wear white but if you’re looking for something bold and unique, go for the dark, classy colors.

Extravagant Wedding Capes

Photo credit: Brides Magazine / Temperley London, BHLDN, Halfpenny London

A number of brides have taken to wearing extravagant wedding capes, inspired by runway trends. You choose to wear a wedding cape for the ceremony or during the reception but the piece will surely make you stand out from the usual design that brides pick for their gowns.

Quirky Picks

At the end of the day, you can pick whatever you want to incorporate in your wedding, even if that means going against the trend — and that has also become a trend in itself! For instance, couples often include their common hobbies and interests in the wedding motif or ceremony.

Whatever you might pick to include in your wedding, we’re happy for you! Congratulations!