This Is Not Your Ordinary Wedding Dress, This Is Just Awesome!

By  | 7 years ago

A white wedding gown- that is what you mostly see in a wedding.

It sounds traditional and most bride prefer to use it because to them, the white gown will signify purity.

But it’s not always the case to all brides-to-be, some would prefer to have their wedding gown more extraordinary, and that would mean venturing to other color.

Wedding gowns serves a vital role in most weddings.

The bride would particularly choose elegant and high fashioned wedding gowns. But there’s this latest trend by which you are entitled to wear a wedding gown inspired by your favorite Disney character, like Maleficent.

You already know that when you talk about Maleficent, you’ll get the idea that she’s actually wearing a black dress.

Some might find it weird to wear a black wedding dress, but to some, it’s more or like exciting.

Being able to wear a Disney inspired wedding dress will also mean that you’ll be able to remember how obsessed you’ve been when it comes to princesses and fairy tales when you’re still young.

Maleficent Wedding Gown

Wedding ceremonies would mean a significant day of your life. But it’s never wrong to reminisce the old you while marrying the love of your life.

That’ll make it more remarkable and unique, of course.

The Rebellious Bride, composed of bloggers and photographers has made a really exciting photo shoot in which the bride wears the Maleficent costume.

Instead of a veil, the bride wears an headdress called hennin.

The concept was unique and it gained the attention of the public.

Maybe brides would want to have this extraordinary theme in their wedding; it’ll all depend on them.

But one thing is just so sure, you’ll surely have a nice view of your childhood favorites, and you can get to wear it in your wedding day.

Starting from the invitation, corsage, table arrangements up to the picture, all were Disney character inspired, most specifically Maleficent.

Maleficent Wedding Theme

You should be settle with just an ordinary wedding, you should make it memorable and you can somewhat achieve it if you have the guts to try this incredibly unique wedding theme.

Weddings are once in a lifetime event, you should make it memorable and worth remembering.