24 Eco-Friendly And Money Saving DIY Wedding Ideas That You Should Know!

By  | 7 years ago

With wedding season winding down, planning season begins. Pinterest boards are created, appointments booked, and deposits given. If you’re just starting planning, or are already knee-deep in invitation options and DIY projects, it’s wise to consider the impact your wedding day has on the environment. More couples are adopting eco-friendly attitudes towards their nuptials, and are implementing creative and beautiful ways to do so.

Weddings are expensive. From spending $1,800-$2,100 on flowers, $1,357 on the dress, it’s no wonder people are finding alternatives – and using eco-friendly, recycled, or re-usable options is fantastic way to not only save money, but lessen your impact on the environment. This graphic contains some fantastic options for eco-friendly wedding alternatives, such as décor options, invitation alternatives, and inspired wedding favors sure to please all your guests – as well as the environment.