5 Most Popular Wedding Destinations in the World

By  | 4 years ago

Ready to tie the knot but want to do it in one of the best wedding destinations in world? That sounds really exciting!

Get your passports ready and start your plans for the most luxurious wedding you can enjoy at any of these top 5 wedding destinations in the world:


Located just off the coast of Florida, the beautiful coral-based archipelago of the Bahamas is simply the perfect wedding destination. There are 700 islands to choose from in this stunning place in the Atlantic Ocean; though you’d get better service on the biggest islands, of course.

What’s great about having your wedding at the Bahamas is that you don’t have to go far for your honeymoon – it’s a wedding and honeymoon destination, rolled into one!


Just like the Bahamas, Hawaii has a lot to offer in terms of beaches and stunning sunsets for your wedding. Known as the Garden Island, Kauai is among the top picks for the most exotic wedding destinations in the world.

Brides can channel their inner ‘Moana’ or pretend they’re some island goddess as they wed in the pristine beaches of Hawaii or beneath the awe-inspiring waterfalls.


If you’re looking for a big city vibe that’s got a lot of romantic options to choose from, the Paris would be your best bet! There are lots of grand venues to pick – and have your photos taken at some of the most stunning landmarks in the world. Isn’t that awesome?


Fancy a gondola ride after your wedding or even have the ceremony aboard one? Well, you can easily have that dream wedding in Italy, complete with singing gondoliers to serenade your guests. There’s nothing more romantic and awe-inspiring than getting married in Italy, long known for its romanticism.

South Africa

Perfect for those who love the great outdoors, South Africa has a lot to offer. Aside from having some of the best natural backdrops for weddings such as game reserves and mountaintop resorts, a trip to South Africa also brings you closer to exotic activities like going on a safari. It’s a wedding and a grand vacation for you and your wedding guests!