Planning A Winter Wedding? Check Out These Five Awesome Ideas That Could Make It Perfect!

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Top 5 Wedding Themes For Winter

People are accustomed by snowflakes and pinecones in winter weddings.

But never get burdened by those. There are still a lot of things you can have except those.

Here are top 5 wedding themes for winter.

Winter Wedding Theme

Wedding Colors

Did you know that white and silver isn’t the only color that you can add in your winter wedding? You can also have reds and greens BUT, take note, never try to overdo it.

Because it might destroy the essence of your winter wedding and might just turn into Christmas season.

For outdoor winter weddings, you can also provide umbrellas for your guests which will create a different ambiance.

Wedding Flowers

As stated above red and green are also winter colors. So for the flowers, you can have red roses and calla lilies.

But then, there are still a lot of options that you can choose from.

White boutonnieres can be decorated with some greeneries but then, you can still make it simple just by simply adding a white ribbon.

As for the stems of your flowers, you can wrap it with ribbons with crystals. These wedding ideas are hot now and you should also try it if you want to have a winter wedding.

Wedding Invitations

Most winter weddings are held indoors because of the whether condition.

So it is most suitable to have formal invitations. For the invitation, you can have it all white in color.

Just enhance the writings and send it in silver envelopes.

It will certainly give a soft touch of winter.

For instance, you want to have additional designs, you need to still consider how it will reflect winter wedding colors which is white, silver, red and green.

Don’t overdo things, it might ruin your winter themed wedding.

Winter Wedding Color

Wedding foods

You can have all the foods that you want to serve except for the cake. You must give it a touch of winter.

For your wedding cake, you can have it trimmed with red and green ribbons but you can also top it with red roses. It will still look beautiful and winter-like.

Just a small tip, what’s hot now is a vintage-style cake which is dusted with silver powder (edible).

Instruct your baker that the cake is for a winter-themed wedding, so your baker can have an idea what to add. Whether to have a white ribbon in it or crystal drops around the cake.


Who would forget honeymoon? It’s still part of the wedding, you know. Some couple would prefer to have it in a warmer place.

But if you think about it, winter themed wedding should be spent and is perfectly spent in a somewhat snowy escape.

Plan a date in a cozy cabin in a not-so-warm places where you can enjoy skiing or other winter sports activities.

Your winter wedding is perfectly matched with this honeymoon location. Enjoy the cold weather and the company of each other.

Have a happy winter themed wedding!