Australian Bridal Label Goes Viral for ‘Naked’ Wedding Gown

By  | 4 years ago

Considering that she’s the star of the occasion, the bride is expected to look her best. That means wearing the best wedding gown that not only flatters her figure but would also exude her style and preferences.

Different brides have different preferences, of course, but many brides will tell you they want to look unique on their wedding day. Aside from choosing trendy gowns, brides expected to look awesome with their makeup and accessories.

As many gown designers and wedding planners are noted, there has been a trend of risqué designs in recent years. That’s perhaps due to lesser restrictions during church weddings or weddings actually being done in venues outside the church where dress codes are not expected.

Photo credit: Instagram / @grace_loves_lace

Grace Loves Lace, a popular Australian bridal label on the Gold Coast, made headlines recently for its most daring style yet: a ‘naked’ wedding dress that appears to be made entirely out of lace – that’s from the neck, down to the train!

But the lace ‘see-through’ gown named Alexandra isn’t as risqué as you think.

Viewed from afar (and even close up, really, if you dare look at the bride’s body with the groom by her side!), it would appear that the bride is wearing a see-through gown that’s made entirely of lace. In reality, however, there’s a nude-toned stretchable lining inside that effectively keeps the bride’s body modesty covered while creating the illusion that she’s wearing a ‘naked’ wedding gown.

Photo credit: Instagram / @grace_loves_lace

Why anyone would want to wear a ‘naked’ wedding dress is simply beyond our wildest imaginations but according to Graces Loves Lace, the Alexandra gown was actually one of their best sellers! Whoa. That simply goes to show that many brides these days are into modern styles to look as unique as they can.

Let’s just hope no bride is kicked out of church for wearing this, errrr, ‘naked’ wedding gown. Would you dare wear this?