Creepy or Awesome? New ‘Flying Veil’ Trend Receives Mixed Reactions

By  | 4 years ago

In these days of social media, it seems that people would do anything and everything, literally, for their 15 minutes of fame. People have also raised the standard in almost anything, including proposals and weddings, because there are a lot of viral videos and stories on social media they want to copy or surpass.

Recently, there’s a new trend that’s hitting China: the ‘flying veil’.

As the name implies, the bridal veil ‘flies’ towards the waiting bride in a moment that makes her look like a Disney princess with magical powers, if only birds or some flying magical creatures were holding the veil and dropping it down on her head perfectly.

Photo credit: Pinterest

But because real brides don’t have powers or have magical friends like fairytale princesses, the brides in this wedding fad stand at the designated spot while the ‘flying’ veil moves towards her via a system of pulleys, ceiling rails, and weights.

As the ‘flying’ veil reaches the bride, it drops perfectly down her head and she continues with her wedding march.

But while the wedding fad is quickly spreading like wildfire across China, it has been met with mixed reactions from netizens.

There were those who were impressed by the creative minds behind the concept. After all, it wouldn’t be easy to pull this trick off and get it done perfectly. Also, this is as close as the bride can get to a fairytale wedding.

Photo credit: Weibo / newsfirst – YouTube

While a lot were impressed, many also think it is too much. Others pointed out that this trend actually the concept of wearing veils wrong because veils are supposed to ‘hide’ the bride’s face from the groom and the guests until the wedding rights are completed. It is supposed to be symbolic but with this trend, the bride gets to wear the veil after everyone already sees her face.

Many also think the ‘flying’ veil is quite creepy. Someone even said that the veil looks like some dangerous ghost or poltergeist trying to possess the bride. Yikes!

Do you think this is over the top and creepy?