Must Read Before Searching For Wedding Dresses – The Simplified Guide To Every Wedding Dress Shape

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In terms of wedding dress, the amount of styles and designs are endless.

For those who are searching for the perfect wedding dress for their big day, the choices can be overwhelming.

Wedding Dress Shapes

If you have no idea on what to buy or what suits your taste and style, the below information or guide can surely help you out.

Check out this simplified guide to every wedding dress shape complete with easy to understand illustrations.

This can surely help you out in terms of deciding what to buy or what to wear on your big day.



While the top is fitted to your body, the skirt portion gets wider as it reaches the floor,
creating a shape that looks sort of like an “A”.

Ball Gown


The top is fitted, but the skirt is poofy.

Think of something a fairy-tale princess would wear,
like Lily James in Cinderella).



A simple shape that is straight and column-like from top to bottom.

If you’re looking for something that’s formfitting but not skintight, this design is for you.



This dress is fitted and curve-hugging but flares out at the bottom to look like a fin.

Modified A-Line


Also known as fit-and-flare, this design hugs your body ever so slightly through the hip area
before gradually becoming wider toward the bottom.



If modified A-line and mermaid had a baby, this shape would be it.

For the most part, it will fit tightly to your body, but somewhere around midthigh, the dress will begin to flare.

Image Source: June Letters Studio
H/T: PopSugar.Com