How to Find The Perfect Wedding Dresses For Your Body Type

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There are a lot of things you need to take note when choosing a wedding dress for your big day. You must not only consider the design of the gown but your body type as well.

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For petite body types, there are designated styles that you should take note so, you already have an idea what dress to use.

  • Horizontal details will enhance and shorten the shape of your body, but vertical details will elongate your body frame.
  • In case you are planning to wear a silhouette-kind of dress, take note that a fitting shell situated underneath the tulle skirt is the best way to wear it.
  • A V-neck gown will make your frame elongated because it will draw the eye in an upward direction.
  • Use an empire waistline to make an illusion as though you have long legs.
  • High-low hemlines can also make your legs look a bit longer.
  • Opt for light beading and some intricate embroidery to look more overwhelming.
  • If you want to have a vivid illusion of height, wear a gown with continuous line.

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For plus-size body types, this kinds of gowns will make you look slimmer and more glamorous.

  • A neckline which has lace illusion promotes slimmer look.
  • You can get a minimal waistline by choosing a design that draws the eye inward.
  • A seemingly long neckline, a beautiful sheath silhouette and slight train are the perfect trio that will help the bride look long and slim.
  • If you want your middle part to look trim, use a black colored sash.
  • Silver embroidery will make your gown look infinite and alluring.
  • If you don’t want to use a strapless bra, wear a scoop neckline. It will also show your voluptuous shape.
  • Strategic draping adds drama to your gown.

For busty brides, choose whether to reveal or conceal. Start finding the right gown by checking these things.

  • Always remember that a square neckline is perfect for almost everyone.
  • Choose sweetheart neckline with straps to balance a busty frame.
  • A offer a much subtle curve and minimize your busty figure, pick an off-shouldered neckline.
  • Take note that a slinky material for your gown shouldn’t be considered if you have a busty frame.

If you are conscious enough to wear your gown because you have a slim and straight body type, worry no more. You can create an illusion of curves. Just follow these tips and tricks.

  • A peplum skirt will give you curvy hips you certainly want.
  • A gown that contains a contouring seams creates an imaginary curve.
  • Use a crop-top gown, it’s pretty trending these days.

Last but certainly not the least, the hourglass body type. If you have this body type, you have nothing to worry about. You just need to select the best wedding gown to show off your intricate mid-section.

  • Glitzy belt and tulle skirt – it will highlight your small waistline.

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No matter what body type you have, the most important thing to consider is how you bear your wedding gown on your special day. The most important person in your life is waiting down the aisle, you must look best on your wedding day.