Don’t Let Pain Screw You Off! Look What This Bride Did When Her Groom Cancelled The Wedding!

By  | 7 years ago

Every woman wants to get married to the love of their life.

The journey that they will go through might not be always easy.

But as long as they have each other, they can surely overcome everything and anything.

Some brides get totally lucky upon getting married to their perfect husband. but unfortunately, some guys are totally out of their minds.

They might get cold-feet while the wedding is nearly approaching that they will ditch you up and screw everything that’s already been prepared.

That’s certainly the truth and anyone can experience that, just like Shelby Swink.

Wedding Dress Trashed

The story of Shelby Swink, a 23 year old bride to be, is so inspiring and sad at the same time. She was able to meet again her ex-fiancée in college in 2011.

They were together up to March 2014 and they decided to get married in November.

Every detail of the wedding is set, from the wedding dress to the foods for the reception. Everything sounds perfect until her fiancée backed out from the wedding.

All of that happened just one more week before their supposed to be ‘BIG DAY’. He told her that he didn’t love her all throughout their relationship.

Shelby was in total shock. But she didn’t let her sadness take over her entire self.

She thought of something extraordinary that will divert her attention so she wouldn’t think too much about her broken marriage.

Wedding Dress Trash

After taking all the hassle in cancelling everything, she thought of something to take out the sad thought in her mind.

Luckily, her photographer is pretty creative and thought of the idea of a photo shoot “Trash The Wedding Dress”.

It was not a pity party, instead, it’s a photo shoot which aims to trash her beloved wedding dress. Not just that, her bridesmaid was able to enjoy themselves also.

They were able to put pain in their dresses and everyone seemed to enjoy it.

Her parents were also there for the photo shoot and to support their daughter and everything turned out to be perfect.

The wedding dress was displayed in a local bride shop.

Wedding Trashing Dress

The most remarkable words of Shelby is that she was happy and thankful that he left her so that one day, she will be able to have a true reciprocal love.