This Looks Like A Typical Modern Wedding Dress. But When I Looked Closely, I Was Amazed!

By  | 7 years ago

At first look, this looks like a typical modern wedding dress that most brides-to-be wanted.

It’s very unique and made even more glamorous by its ornate design.

Wedding Dress Ornate Design

However, if you will take a closer look, you will be surprised how truly special this wedding dress is.

Wedding Dress Toiler Paper Roll

This lovely wedding dress was actually made from rolls of toilet papers.

The designer/creator used 11 toilet paper rolls to get her desired results.

Here’s some images of the dress before it’s fully made.

Wedding Dress Made From Toiler Paper Roll

Gold colored tapes were used for the design and accents of the dress.

Aside from that (along with some glue and other transparent tapes), no other materials are used.

Wedding Dress Toiler Paper With Gold Tapes

Here’s the final result.

Looks so amazing and stunning right?

Wedding Dress Made Out Of Toiler Paper

According to the creator, AvantGeek, this amazing piece of art weigh just around 3 lbs. Very lightweight indeed!

This creation just proves that we can make almost anything out of everything we have at home.

With a creative mind followed with great designing skills, you can surely create a masterpiece of your own.

Now my question is, as a bride-to-be, will you wear this kind of dress?


Toilet Paper Wedding Dress by AvantGeek. Toilet paper dress for Cheap Chic Weddings’ Toilet Paper Dress contest sponsored by Charmin.