Chito Miranda and Neri Naig Wedding

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At last! The wedding everyone has talked about; Chito-Neri Wedding.

And not everyone knows about it, but they got married two times.

The first one was a private civil ceremony which was held in Taguig City on Saturday, December 13, 2014.

Everyone was surprised when they again had their wedding in a garden in Tagaytay City by Sunday, December 14, 2014.

Since the first wedding is private just for the couple’s family and close friends, it was only made public when their photographer, Nice Print Photography, released photos of their wedding and their pre-nuptial activities.

It was indeed a great wedding, since the couple had been through a lot during the course of their two year relationship.

Chito Miranda Neri Naig Wedding Photo

Chito Miranda, the vocalist of Parokya ni Edgar and Neri Naig, actress has been together for 2 years.

The wedding proposal of Chito Miranda to Neri Naig because he tricked her into shooting a music video that ended up to be a romantic wedding proposal.

And the video was posted online, which became a trending topic for days.

They were exactly the kind of couple that fights hand in hand amidst all the controversies in their showbiz careers.

Chito Miranda Neri Naig Wedding Celeb

Some celebrities attended the Chito-Neri wedding which includes, Angel Locsin, Bela Padilla, Paolo Paraiso, Xyrel Manabat, Ronald Singson, Gary Valenciano, and some of Chito’s friends in the music industry like Maychelle Baay of Monstar 88, Darius Semana of Parokya ni Edgar and Jomal Linao of Kamikazee. The theme of their wedding is “Road Trip”.

A vintage car was also pictured in their invitation car.

Everyone is aware that when showbiz couple get married, some tend to stay together for just a short period of time, because of some marital conflicts.

But we’re wishing this couple many years of happiness, love and good health.

To complete their happy married life, more kids that will shower them with happiness and joy!